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happen. >> reporter: they point to evergreen oil in newark. the company recycles used motor oil, and government records show it has a history of polluting, oil spill, explosions, major fire, including this one in 2011. we found hundreds of complaints stretching back to 1987. residents reporting difficulty breathing and nausea. >> sinuses would burn. and it just -- you just didn't feel like you could work outside. >> they have denied it, denied it, denied it. i do not think they're being regulated very well at all. >> reporter: evergreen has been cited by multiple local agencies from everything from leaked fumes to high levels of arsenic in waste water. source says the dtse could revoke evergreen's permits, but instead gave it a series of small fines. the dtse says its oversight is limited, which have the ability to look at both air and water, and we're not doing a good enough job. and we're trying to pawn off our
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responsibility. >> reporter: in 2000, whenever green was accused of illegally burning pcbs, a chemical linked to cancer, the company settled with the dtsc for $825,000. but instead of cash, dtsc allowed evergreen to pay nearly half its fine in other ways, including equipment donation to the fire department. >> these fines amount to a pinprick on the hide of an elephant. >> reporter: consumer advocate lisa authored this scathing report on the dtsc. >> people inside know there is extensive pollution in some of these instances that can harm people, and they do nothing about it. and that is outrageous. >> reporter: will you stop and chat with us for a moment? >> i actually can't stop, but you can chat with me as i walk. >> reporter: debbie rafael. we caught up with her. what do you say to the folks who are frustrated and feel like their health is at risk? >> i would say quite a lot happens, and that we are always open. and my door is always open. if people feel like the people
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who work for me are not being responsive, i want to know about it. >> reporter: but those who live near fibrotech in northern california say she does know their concerns. many say the hazardous waste recycler is poisoning their groundwater with the same chemical at the heart of the film erin brockovich. >> yes, the water is poisonous. >> my family had five members and four of us had cancer. >> reporter: in a letter fibrotech says it didn't cause the contamination, but is cleaning it up shirley white wants to know why they are use tag permit that expired 16 years ago. fine free throwtech says they're working to update that. >> what kind of letter grade would you give it? >> that's a great question. i don't have a letter grade. and that's why i need to do this assessment. >> reporter: the day after our interview, director rafael sent out this internal memo telling staff 22 of the state's 118 licensed facilities are working outdated permits.
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she writes the agency must review the permitting program. when it comes to the transportation of hazardous wastes, sources say record-keeping is so bad, regulators don't really know which toxic substances are going where. we analyzed the last 13 years of dtsc reports and found 44% of the entries listed blank or unknown when it came to what type of toxic waste was being transported. >> who is looking to see if you've got a shipment going to disneyland? >> reporter: a state audit found 59% are not in the correct jobs. >> people were given positions who weren't qualified. >> reporter: source says the department needs real reform and soon. >> it requires accountability, transparency, and results. >> i've got to go. >> reporter: so you will sit down with us at a later date for
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a proper interview? >> yes. >> reporter: we appreciate it. thank you. we do plan to follow up the director once her review of dtsc is complete. we reached out to evergreen oil, be they had no comment at this time. in the meantime, you can read the entire consumer watchdog report on our website. it's there exclusively. go to and click on investigations. raj, jess, a lot of critical issues raised. this is going to be the first of a series of reports as we stay on the story. >> if you have a tip, give us a call. you see the number on the screen, 888-996-tips, or send us an e-mail to more jobs, more housing, more money that is what santa clara's mayor says is coming to his city. he envisions a bright future following today's announcement of the expansion of a tech company, along with the 49ers' new stadium. nbc bay area's george kiriyama
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sat down. >> reporter: in recent years, the city of santa clara has had to dip into its reserves, just to function as a city. but those days may be over soon, because right now santa clara is in the middle of a construction boom. nvidia, the new 49ers stadium, the new apple expansion. santa clara is experiencing a building boom. >> santa clara is absolutely on fire. >> reporter: and city leaders love it. >> nvidia is the best example that we have right now. >> reporter: chip maker nvidia will be bulldozing the buildings to make way for a new futurie ic headquarters. thousands of more jobs. >> with every new project coming in like nvidia, it makes me more and more confident every day. i think the best of our days are to come. i think we're going to be able to not only restore but add services back. >> reporter: that's what city leaders would love to see. more jobs attracting more people which means more tax dollars going back to the city. in return, mayor matthews says
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that will mean better services and balanced budgets. >> the first thing we have to do is restore the full services that our santa clara residents have come to expect. so we have employees that are on furlough days right now. we would like to get down to zero furlough days. >> reporter: mayor matthews is excited about the new apple campus setting up shop at stevens creek and lawrence expressway. but the crown jewel of construction is hands-down the 49ers stadium. and everything that comes with it. >> santa clara now is nationally and internationally known because of the 49ers stadium. and of course because we're, you know, in contention for a super bowl bid in 2016. so we're getting a fair amount of attention. >> reporter: mayor matthews says all the construction and the potential jobs will present challenges. >> it puts pressure on us to trying to provide additional housesing. and that's always a challenge in the valley. >> reporter: but city leaders will take the challenge, because they say the upside is just too great. so a lot of construction going on. and nvidia hopes to break ground some time in june. live in santa clara tonight,
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george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, george. a shopping dilemma. can you actually see the prices in the dark? the lights went out at the nordstrom's and other stores in downtown walnut creek just before 6:00 this evening. the outage caused businesses to close several hours early. about 920 customers in all lost power. pg&e had it restored a little after 8:00. a piece of equipment left on top of a power pole led to the outage. a new twist in the murder case of oscar pistorius. south african police say the lead investigator in this case is now facing murder charges himself. the charges are connected to a shooting in 2011. that same investigator was on the stand today in the pistorius case where there were revelations of police mistakes. the detective admitted he has no evidence challenging the olympian's claim that he killed his girlfriend accidentally. in the meantime, pistorius is expected to be in court in a few hours from now in south africa
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to find out whether he'll post bail or remain in jail. well, at some point during the day, there is a good chance you were on camera. the bay area is seeing an increase in the number of personal surveillance cameras on everything from the front porch to the dashboard. police have been using dash cams for decades to record traffic stops. now the technology is catching up, and it's fairly inexpensive. it's being used by everyday people and private security firms. many different reasons as to why people are installing these cameras. >> i've gotten calls of spouses wanting to know where their partner is, parents wanting to know where their teenager is. and employers wanting to know where their employees are. >> sales for home surveillance cameras are up 75% over l.a. years. tonight the name of a hiker who died at alum rock park. 53-year-old andre fell to his death on saturday. rangers say he ventured into a dangerous area that was closed to the public, and the area that was clearly marked for park
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visitors to stay out of. police are calling it an accident. the sonoma county sheriff's department is looking for more suspects connected to a triple homicide in forestville earlier this month. investigators believe this man is a potential associate of the suspect mark capello who was arrested last thursday in alabama. these pictures are from a chevron gas station in st. helena, and they were taken the day before the homicide. investigators believe a pot deal led to the shooting death of three men. investigators also say the man had come to the area to buy a large amount of marijuana. i'm terry mcsween any live in danville, where a plan to build a new cemetery is causing a argument loud enough to wake the dead. some don't like the location or the size. but supporters say if not there, then where? the story coming up in a live report. also tonight, major changes on the way after the attack on a u.s. embassy, an attack that killed a bay area native chris
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stevens. coming up, what the pentagon will soon announce. and say cheese. it's picture day for the giants in spring training. we'll take you behind the scenes. good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. temperatures continue to drop at this hour. right now some of the coldest weather in the north bay with napa at 43. who will hit 32, coming up in just a few minutes.
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new at 11:00 tonight, a battle over a proposed development in contra costa county tonight, but not the kind you might think. this pits members of a rural community against a man who wants to build a cemetery, a cemetery big enough to accommodate 150,000 bodies.
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now the proposed site is along camino tassajara and highland road. terry? >> reporter: yes, this would be built right there on the san ramon/danville border. and it's been in the works for seven years. but watch out, because here comes the vote by the county to see if it gets the permit it needs. supporters say we need some place to bury our dead. opponents say the plan itself should be dead on arrival. >> the bottom line is i didn't move out here to be next to a cemetery. >> reporter: michelle ulric runs a 90-acre horse ranch on camino tassajara road. she loves the openness and watching the sunset behind the hills. all of which she's afraid she'll lose if the cemetery is approved by contra costa supervisors. >> if they put that cemetery in and the landscaping they're
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talking about, and it all being on well water, it's going to affect everybody around them. and their water supplies. >> people that have handled my wells for 25 years said this property has never ran out of water. >> reporter: sid cory is a develop but says it wasn't his idea. he said mayors of cities approached him seven years ago to tell them about a need. >> if i'd be willing to do a cemetery on my property. thought about it for a couple of days and said sure, i'll do that. >> reporter: cory is a powerful man, so are some opponents including save mt. diablo. >> particularly the parts that are being talked about for the ridge line, which will have an impact on the visual qualities of the property. >> reporter: but cory counters the cemetery is open space in a sense, and something that will ward off developments. >> because it's going to hurt their housing out there. because there is a lot of people that feel if you build a cemetery, that will ruin the rest of the area for housing.
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well, there is a lot of people that don't want housing. >> reporter: opponents of the cemetery don't like cory's answers to their concerns, but he does ask a question which all of us have to answer some day. >> where do we bury our dead? >> reporter: the planning commission gets this issue in about three weeks from right now. if it gives it the green light, it could be in front of the county supervisors in june. live in danville, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> terry, thank you. residents in an upscale san francisco neighborhood have lost their latest battle to limit the number of bars in the area. the small business commission rejected a proposed van of new bars along popular section of polk street. nob hill residents were upset over what they described as out of control and drunk partiers. but bars and restaurants are big business. the proposed ban has one more chance. it's expected to go on a planning commission hearing in mid-march. the pentagon is set to announce the creation of a new
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marine crisis response team. nbc news says it's in response to the attack on the american consulate in benghazi back on september 11th of last year. a group of one thousand marines would be based at a naval station in italy so it could respond quickly to north africa and eastern europe. you may recall bay area native ambassador christopher stevens was one of four americans killed in that benghazi attack. stevens had sent a cable to the state department warning of the deterioration in security conditions hours before the attack. there is new hope for autistic children. researchers studied 34 people who had been diagnosed with autism by the age of five, and then seemed to overcome their symptoms. the study in a psychiatric journal says the change could be because of biological reasons. others say the children may have been initially misdiagnosed. doctors say there is no way to predict which children will recover and by how much. there is a new easy tool in the fight against influenza. it's called the biomask, and it's used in hospitals to
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protect patients and health care workers exposed to the flu and other diseases. the mask maker series it's treated with copper and zinc ions and can kill the flu virus on contact. it is getting phrase. >> the mask is very efficient at screening out at least 95% of the particulates that we can breathe in. it whisks up the virus on the mask and kills it before it can infect the patient. >> while it has shown to be effective, there are no studies to show how much it protects better than a regular mask. biomasks are available at most drug stores. and by the sounds of it, i think i need to get one, right? >> if we hadn't noticed already. >> or should we get one. >> okay. that flu is so bad. they often say with weather, you get a lot of cold weather for long stretch. a lot of people spend more time inside, and that can help the flu to spread. right now you'll be happy to hear you can get outside and get plenty of fresh air and get away
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from the flu tomorrow. the wind is stirring up the atmosphere that is also keeping temperatures slightly warmer at this hour as compare this time last night. 43 right now in napa. 46 in santa rosa. 47 in san jose and 44 in sunnyvale. let's get you outside of the hd sky camera network as we get you geared up for thursday. a little bit of haze, but not too much the way of low cloud coffer in san jose. from emeryville, looking to san francisco, it is so hard to see, but with our screens in here in the studio, those hd screens we have a slight marine layer back near the coastline. that will give us some fog near the coast, also for parts of the north bay. it's not expected to be a widespread event. so for tomorrow morning, i know a lot of you after the cold start we had today with 20 and low 30s want to know exactly how cold it's going to get. looks like the north bay is going to be one of the coldest again, but here again good news. not as cold as it was. 37 in santa rosa.
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37 in napa. 41 in is only. and back towards santa cruz, also 39, with 43 in san francisco. daytime highs on thursday will be slightly warmer. we'll have plenty of sunshine by the afternoon. 60 in palo alto. 61 in los gatos. 59 in santa cruz. cooler back toward the coastline. down to morgan hill and gilroy, temperatures are expected to be in the low 60s. so the warmest spot will be the south bay. the east bay 59 in the castro valley. 60 in pittsburg. don't want to forget you back to alameda and hayward, upper 50s to near 60. san francisco with 59, and 63 in santa rosa. here is the only hitch. if you're headed outside, a lot of sunshine, you have allergies, it's off the charts. moderate to high. may think maybe you're getting the flu here, but it also could be those allergies. otherwise, if you're headed to the sierra, our toyota tahoe report does have a little bit of snow expected on thursday. a few flurries. temperatures in the upper 30s. a little bit warmer on friday. and here is some great news for the skiers.
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alpine meadows picking up 4 inches with the last storm, and they have a -- well, a groomed surface there with plenty of powder up at alpine meadows. on your thee-day forecast we stay dry all the way through friday. just a slight chance of showers there on saturday. by this weekend, unfortunately, we got to cloud it up for you just a little bit on saturday with a little bit of morning fog. then we'll get sun in here on sunday. sunday looks like the better day. and we bumped down the chance of showers to tuesday from 50% earlier to 20%. so it's looking less and less like a large storm. but that's why i'm here. i'll keep an eye on it. you guys can sit back and relax. >> thank you, jeff. >> you're welcome. >> all right, coming up, the 2024 olympics. find out why two bay area cities are part of the conversation. plus, call it the harbaugh rule. find out what the nfl will be cracking down on next season.
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you always say you never get to go to the olympics. >> i never do. >> and now they're coming to us. >> yay!
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>> maybe. maybe the 2024 summer games here in the bay area. >> it's more than a decade away, but the excitement is building. that's because the mayors of san jose and san francisco received letters from the u.s. olympic committee asking if they would be interested in putting together a bid. she won a bronze medal in london and is excited to hear the bay area could be in the picture for 2024. >> i think the bay area does have the capability. it's a long ways off, so this is a lot of time to prepare. i know one of the biggest things that come into play with the olympics is finding space for all the people. >> 35 cities received the same letter from the u.s. olympic committee. because of our various facilities, hotels and stadiums, the bay area is considered a viable host. however, you may remember the bay area did lose its bid to host the 2012 games which were awarded to london. two local universities scored big in the fundraising department. stanford became the first college to raise more than a billion dollars in a single year. it pays to have wealthy alumni.
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stanford significantly outpaced harvard, which brought in $650 million in donations. as for public universities, uc berkeley was the leading fundraiser, bringing in $405 million. we're back in a moment with some big warriors news tonight in oakland. stay with us.
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hi, everybody. scott reiss in the comcast sportsnet newsroom. funny thing about streaks. the longer they go, the more momentum they accrue, the tougher they get to stop, which is great if you're on the winning side. not so much when you are losing. the warriors trying to get right as they get home to face the suns. the losing streak was at six, but klay thompson would have nothing of it. on klay thompson bobblehead night, three of his 38 points, and yeah, that's a bobble, affirmative. david lee behind the back to andrew bogut. pretty. they win 108-90. >> well, it was a big-time
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relief. i talked about it being the biggest game of the season for us. and i love the way that my guys came out and sent the message that that is exactly what it was. >> and now the confluence of sports and weather. our giants and a's insiders playing amateur meteorologists. andrew baggarly and casey pratt tweeting these images of desert hail. ahmed fareed braving the elements in scottsdale. >> reporter: rain throughout the day here in scottsdale. in fact, at about 5:00 at night, we saw snow and sleet. they got snow two hours south in tucson too, suspending play at a golf tournament down there. but the giants still busy at work. started early in the morning with photo day. once play time was over, they were back to work. position players headed over to the minor league complex. we saw brandon bell and angel pagan taking hacks. many were sn outside throwing in the rain. those who were supposed to throw live bp through in the cages off
11:27 pm
the mound. you might think rain, why take the day off? bruce bochy says that would not be a good idea. >> we could have worked around it if we had to skip the throwing. but it makes a lot easier when they stay on their schedule. >> reporter: now the giants were planning to play an intrasquad game on friday, but this rain could put it in jeopardy. bruce bochy saying the team might play a five-inning game or may not play it at all. in scottsdale with the team, ahmed fareed, nbc bay area. jim harbaugh is effecting change in the. sideline discipline with coaches being flagged and possibly fined if they don't comply. harbaugh, as much as any coach, has a tendency to venture on to the field to make his point with officials. and one more quick note. the kings of sacramento trade thomas robinson, the top draft pick from last year to houston in a six-player deal. more news after this.
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how many times have you looked at your postal carrier and thought boy, do i love that outfit? >> so many times. we have good news for you. today the u.s. postal service announced it's launching a fashion line of all things. it will include all weather jacket, headgear, footwear, because nothing like those clunky shoes, and clothing that accommodates things like ipods. the cash strapped agency will introduce the line next year. yes! >> awesome. >> we shouldn't laugh. jeff and would buy some of those clothes. >> i'm getting you some for christmas. >> thanks for watching, everybody. good night.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno,"
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featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- chelsea handler, 105-year-old edythe kirchmaier, the music of sky blu and "trevor moore tests new products." and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by nbc-universal television captions by vitac ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you very much.
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welcome to "the tonight show." thank you. thank you. and welcome to another edition of "politicians behaving badly." i love these stories. >> rickey: oh, here it comes. >> jay: the former senator pete domenici, of new mexico revealed today that while in office he fathered a child with the daughter of another senator who was a friend of his. >> rickey: oh! >> jay: now, are you following me on this? now, he cheated on his wife with a daughter of another senator, and they had a baby. when did the senate become "the jerry springer show"? [ laughter ] when did that happen? [ applause ] and i love that -- i love this part. domenici is defending himself by saying that he is no better or worse than the next guy. and he's right, 'cause you know who the next guy was? john edwards. [ laughter ] that's why. that's why. [ applause ] and the -- and the former san diego mayor, a woman named maureen o'connor,

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